Our Team

Our Team:

Viorel Petronil Pricoiu - Agriculture Consultant

Mr. Petronil finished his studies in 1999 at the University of Craiova- Faculty of Horticulture. Now he got more than 10 years experience in agriculture working with big companies and managing over 12,000 Ha.

Pedro worked as Technical Director at SC Redias SA where he managed more than 12,000 Ha as follow: 4 Field Farms and 1 Livestock Farm. He had a team formed from : 1 land surveyor, 1 economist, 15 mechanized, 1 maintenance mechanic, 4 full time workers and during various operations to maintain the crops, up to 150 seasonal workers.

After this he worked at SC Slorom SRL as Technical Director were he managed to implement a EU Project for Eur 850000 on the Measure 112 for more than 3500 Ha cultivating wheat, barley, rapeseeds, sunflower and oats. Pedro got good connections and he managed to negotiate good prices for working the land and buying the fertilizers. He is a dedicated hard working man, after finishing his studies he obtain different diplomas that improved his skills and experience: Certificate of Work Safety Inspector, Professional Certificate for services and use in plant protection products classified as very toxic and toxic, Professional certification for the production of seeds and planting material.

Marian Cosmin Militon – Shareholder and Company Administrator

Is a Romanian national, with a degree in Economics specializing in Accounting from the Artifax University of Bucharest.
As a qualified accountant, Mr Militon has generally specialized in small company accounts in his career, and has administered other businesses successfully for a number of years. In his capacity as Administrator of Agreco, it will be his responsibility to ensure adequate contract cover, effective bookkeeping and to administer profit shares to investors. He will also Administer the day to day operations of the company, all contacts with official bodies and business partners.

Iftikhar Ahmed – Shareholder

Is a UK national, with a degree in Engineering from the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.
Mr Ahmed is the founder of a number of businesses within property sector in UK and
Romania. His first business in Romania was founded in early 2005 and is still operational. He brings a wealth of business experience to the team and many contacts within the Ro­manian business community, although his role is not day-to-day hands on.

Gabriel Manea - Business Manager

Gabriel finished the Law School at the Romanian-American University and after that he have done a Master in Business Law. For the last years he worked in the banking system were he accumulated a lot of experience in law but also in negotiating contract terms with important clients. At Agreco Collective he will ensure the effective flow of work between the component parts of Agreco. Ensuring compliance with the various legislative and regulatory requirements affecting Agreco Collective and its activities, negotiating contracts and legal terms with investors and partners. Managing the process and contributing to the development of annual plans/reports, budgets and targets. Prepare articles for the Agreco Collective website, contributing to the formulation and dissemination of annual plans, monitor their implementation and make appropriate changes within areas of responsibility.

Daria Jianu - Food Inspection Specialist

Daria finished her study in 2013 at University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, Master: Special technology in the food industry. At Agreco she will be in charge with the crop and food control, as we are expanding our business to greenhouses. She got the ability to organize various activities, teamwork spirit and she can adapt to the particularities of a multicultural environment very easy.

Florel Dobre - Coordinating agricultural work

Florel it`s a very dynamic, determined, stress-resistant, communicative, authoritative and open to new.He got over 34 years experience in the mechanical, hydraulic electromechanic, repair and maintenance of machinery and engines and also in execution of works with tractors and agricultural machinery. Florel got good leadership skills, executive experience of over 30 years, coordinating team of over 200 workers.

Our Partners:

Georgiana Paraschiv - Lawyer

Bld. Chisinau Nr.16 Bl. M7, Ap61, Sector 2 Bucuresti - georgiana.paraschiv@law-dmg.ro

Georgiana finished the Law School and after that she obtain a Master Degree in Business Law.
She is a lawyer specialized in civil law, criminal law and commercial law. The work of representing the legal interests of our clients have made and continue to make an appeal to what is new in law science and also more useful our legal defense or offensive.
Based on the shoulders represent either the plaintiff or defendant, we passed a number of exceptions of unconstitutionality meant to clarify fundamental issues of law and a series of legal issues, both through substantive actions and the legal remedies.

Emerging Markets Property Advisers Ltd

2nd Floor, 8 – 10 High Street, Stratford, London, E15 1AJ

EMP Advisers are primary sales and marketing agents for Agreco. They handle all marketing and exposure of our products and agency relationships. EMP Advisers have been established since 1998 and is a leading UK company providing advisory services about international property related transactions.

Agreco will not using any type of genetically modified seeds or plants, this is a social and ethical decision.

SC Cub Trust International SRL

The company was formed in 2005 with core business as agricultural services.
Year after year the company grow and now we are happy to work with Agreco Collective Srl in our area. We are dealing with plowing, seeding and harvesting the land of our customers and also ours.

Comfert SRL

Our company goal is total satisfaction of all our customers, from small farmers to large agricultural associations and local or zonal distributors .Comfert Ltd was founded in 1998 and currently has customers and distributors in more than 30 counties.
Under the slogan "Comfert together make agriculture", we deliver our customers promptly and professionally specific European standards, a wide range of fertilizers both simple and complex, with an excellent quality-price ratio.
We offer: fertilizers, seeds, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seed treatment, desiccants, etc.

Bobivon Agro SRL

One Dolj companies who risked and invested in agriculture was SC Bobivon Agro Ltd Drane, a company founded in 1994 as a provider of agricultural services.
After four years of existence, the provision of services in agriculture have created a start-up capital for agriculture. So now the company cultivates more than 800 ha and can offer seeds to all her customers.
However, favorable weather conditions are not the only "ingredients" that guarantees success in this business. "It takes a lot of work (working hours from 6:00 am to 12.00-1.00 night), passion and devotion (in agriculture there is no holiday - summer, at least, is excluded)- said Bogdan Iubis, administrator of the company.

Modern farming is more complex then ever before. Farming on a commercial scale requires experts that have sophisticated knowledge in soil science, weather, biology, finance, transportation and macroeconomics.

Land quality and strong management determine the profitability of any farming project; we have identified partners that have strengths, experience and proven track records in these core areas.